“Home” is a word as hard to define as “love” or “round.” It is far more than a dwelling, and meant for many more than its residents. Here Karen Biscoe-Dufour defines “home” by what it would allow, inspire, and require. She has written a prayer of generosity of spirit, and it isn’t hard to identify with wishes so beautifully expressed. Indeed, it is easy to see the coming summer in her verses and to take her words as reminders of what a gift a safe haven truly is.

Give Me a Home

(for Carolyn)

Give me a home
Where I can wax poetic to my heart’s content
And recline with all the engines humming
Where I can bear witness to the swan
Struggling still to find her self afloat on calm waters,
and firm purchase on the ground she has laid, trusting.
Where the fish leap for no other reason than this
… they can

Give me a home
Where I am dutiful to impulse, and whimsy
Lying stretched out across the porch boards
Showing just enough skin to taunt the sun,
And not enough to draw speculation
Where many have basked in her lightness,
And have begged to return when she does

Give me a home
Where I am at home with myself
And no judgments ever dare cross its
modest threshold. Where glasses remain
half full at all times, and where we call each
other out…of darkness, from beneath bushels,
without filters or false pretense.

Give me a home
A healing place for so many who come
from vast distances and corners of the earth
not knowing this is refuge! Restful and restoring
to those who benefit, by proxy. Not knowing just its vistas
but its views, and meeting other visitors…fellow sojourners
with those who have yet to embrace their magnitude

Printed with the poet’s permission.


Karen Pic 1Karen Biscoe-Dufour founded and operates Green Search Partner (2008), a search consultancy bringing executive and technical talent to green technology companies that are cleaning up the planet, addressing climate change, and decreasing U.S. dependency on foreign oil.  She writes poetry in the moments between the moments when she is raising her two children, running her business, and maintaining her status as an avid pseudo-athlete.  She began writing poetry in junior high school, but was encouraged by her high school senior year English teacher to explore her talent more seriously.   She maintains that she has been “stumbling around in poetry ever since,” hoping to establish a bit of “street cred” before pursuing her next career as a writer.  


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