To belabor the obvious: Thanksgiving has come and gone. December is bearing down on us. Year after year, we have managed the holiday season one way or another. Some of us meet December with great gusto and fervent planning, others with resignation and hopes for simplification. And more than a few of us with avoidance and denial.

No matter what your December style (and the ones mentioned above barely scratch the surface of the possible approaches), we can all be the better for the work of the timeless Persian poet Hafiz. Remarkably modern for one writing in the 14th century, Hafiz is remembered as a mystic and a truth-teller.

We don’t make light of November concerns, or any that are expected with December’s arrival. And we’re painfully aware of the irony that the idea of ‘finding a better job’ can have in today’s economy. We simply note that nearly 700 years ago, someone thought the words below, and somehow they have survived.

Enjoy the season.


Find A Better Job

All your worry
Has proved such an
Find a better

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