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Poetry Sunday: A Woman’s Journey

gibbon_black_sm(1)Maureen Gibbon is no stranger in any land of literature. Poet, teacher, novelist, she commands words with confidence. Here she takes control of a journey and the memories that followed. A strong woman is always a guide worth hearing.



Vieille Ville

Traveling I had men in the cities, but when I went to the sea, I
went alone. I burned each day by the Mediterranean, let salt and
wind lick oil from my skin, went deep into the sea even when the
water rolled and turned me hard onto the beach.

No one walked beside me in Antibes where coolness seeped out of
buildings and wrapped around my ankles. No one kissed me on the
hot gray stones of Nice. I came south to burn. All the layers of me
that had ever been touched dropped away, and my body turned the
color of brick. Of dark stone.

~Maureen Gibbon

(This first appeared in Magdalena, White Pine Press.)

Maureen Gibbon’s new novel, Paris Red, tells the story of Manet’s famous redheaded model, Victorine Meurent. It will be published by W. W. Norton in April 2015. Visit to learn more.


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