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Poetry Sunday: A Possible 2015 Resolution

Oh, how we turn away from the ugly, the unreliable, the anxiety-producing—all the mean events and voices that crowd the sight and sound waves of modern media-glutted life. It is understandable that turning away can become a habit, and that we can become accustomed to responding to the stuff of our days with rejection rather than embrace.

Staying positive requires vigilance and nudging. Here Francie Puccio suggests a way to face the coming year and its days.

15588591310_13649dbcf9_z“Morning Fog.” Image from Flickr via Stanley Zimney.


Say yes

Say yes to the mist of this morning
embryo cargo of sunrise and orbit
sublime with hint of old awes come
round again. Say yes to the passage
of the past now present in the present—
that rare bend in the continuum
pulling you to the altar of aware
to offer belief born of the felt life
where faith has no book, no prophet
but owes everything to a communion
with the unseen, that river inside
knowing what any river knows.

There are lakes waiting, seas
waiting, falls waiting, emptied
by ancient imperative renewed
by what can’t stay separate—
as we must not if morning is to rise
in the universe that began with
some silent yes sung in chorus
with all the others now and soon.

Reprinted with the poet’s permission


Francie Puccio has been widely published, most recently with a trio of poems on Boston Poetry Magazine. “Say yes” was one of the works spotlighted there. Ms. Puccio is at work on a memoir in poem form tentatively titled Whatever It Is. Whatever It Could Be.

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  • ellensue spicer-jacobson December 29, 2014 at 8:47 am

    Love your poem. Just as people mourn Fall because they think everything is dying, I think Fall, my favorite season, is when everything is brilliant right before the big sleep of winter. SO your words are perfect for me! Everything in its proper cycle is good. thanx, ellensue spicer-jacobson

  • patricia yarberry allen md December 28, 2014 at 9:40 am

    Thank you for this wonderful poetic ode to new beginnings as we are at the end of one cycle and preparing to start a New Year. Thank you for reminding us that we can say yes to life; a life lived more fully with the past present, but a life no longer constrained by the past. Poetry Sunday always gives me joy but today’s selection will inform the way I live.