Christine Gelineau, teacher, rider, horse breeder, poet of nature and courageous surveyor of the interior landscape of womanhood, gave us the poem with which we greeted April. Now as we say good bye to that month, we look again to Christine for a poem written in celebration of spring’s power to revitalize us all.

Spring at 41

I walked the woods early today.
Sunlight advanced before me
across the hill’s crest as if
the light and warmth were mesh,
a solar seine delicately, deliberately opening
out in the morning’s first cast.  Birdsong
and frog trill were a pulse,
a felt sound in that spring air.
Bluets, violets, strawblossoms, and
spring beauties crowded my path in such
profusion I could imagine
they welcomed me much
as I welcomed them.  My own arms
swung at my sides, in the line
of sight, my skin crimped yet
with the imprint of the bedsheets
wrinkled like a baby’s cheek from the crib.
This was a kind of grace to behold and
for the moment I felt
renewable as the morning.

From Remorseless Loyalty (Ashland Poetry Press. 2006).

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