April is National Poetry Month and as such, National Controversy Month.  Why do we need to designate a month for poetry, the purists ask?  Each and every day of our year should contain poems.  Each chamber of our heart should have stanzas that beat out of memory.

At the same time, pragmatists respond with another question.  Why forego the chance to remind our nation of poetry’s worth?  The ideal may be a nation of memorizers of poems, but the reality is our citizens do not make time for verse and those of us who hold it dear hold the responsibility to promote it in any way possible.

No matter how you feel about the sides of this debate, we hope you have time for poetry in your life in all the months.  We recommend the inspiring and inspired web site of The Academy of American Poets to you as a place where you can linger in the company of our greatest poets, with us now and long since gone.  Finally,  we invite you to join us as we start National Poetry Month’s Poetry Fridays with an offering from one of the mothers of American poetry, dear, mystical Emily Dickinson herself, as she reminds us to cherish the season’s offering of still moments for noticing,

A light exists in spring

A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period.
When March is scarcely here

A color stands abroad
On solitary hills
That science cannot overtake,
But human nature feels.

It waits upon the lawn;
It shows the furthest tree
Upon the furthest slope we know;
It almost speaks to me.

Then, as horizons step,
Or noons report away,
Without the formula of sound,
It passes, and we stay.

A quality of loss
Affecting our content,
As trade had suddenly encroached
Upon a sacrament.

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