The Belt

What if the poem leapt from its page and surrounded you – like a rope or a belt tightening around your waist – a pet snake charming the world to stay close and keep its distance, whirling you about to learn your meaning, your wholeness, your perfect self

Born in London on the last night of the Blitz, Karen Alkalay-Gut has been living and writing out in the open ever since. She was reared in Rochester, NY where she received her PhD. from the University of Rochester. She has lived and worked in Israel since 1972 where she has a family and a career as a writer both in English and Hebrew, as well as a translator into French, German, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Polish. Her 31-page  curriculum vitae details a rich and ranging intellectual life and career;  it is clear that it would take more reams of paper than that to contain what her heart knows.

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  • zakłady bukmacherskie June 24, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    great poem, i like it