Today it seems that everybody is a political junkie. Seems like the exit polls are all over the place. Both the Clinton and Obama campaigns are spinning expectations, which some people like ABC’s Jake Tapper don’t buy.Rumors are swarming that a swarm of superdelegates will turn to Obama tomorrow.

But matters like the cover of The New Republic are disturbing women everywhere no matter who they support. It is a depiction of Hillary that draws this response from one women’s website, one of many;

And really, if the “What election sexism?” Democrats can’t see how over-the-top this is, I don’t really know what to say.

Progressives should be better than this.* I haven’t been a Clinton supporter, but the misogynist crap she’s gotten throughout the election has made me a whole lot more sympathetic towards her. There are a lot of questions to raise and a lot of skepticism to be had about both Democratic candidates — we can do that without resorting to sexist and racist crutches. And we can cut the whole “She’s tearing the party apart!” nonsense. You know what tears the party apart? Insulting and attacking the party’s base by launching racist and sexist attacks. Drawing big fat lines between Clinton and Obama, as if either he or she were the bad guy — and in doing so, giving John McCain (the real bad guy) a great big pass.

Stay tuned.

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