Last month, we unveiled the first round in our work-in-progress redesign of the WVFC front page. Now, here’s the next installment.

This time around, most of the action is in the right column, where a stack of eye-catching boxes spotlights one of the things that sets us apart: the expertise of the WVFC Medical Advisory Board. Our medical, health, and fitness articles are among the most frequently researched pieces on the site. These focus boxes put a rotating roster of health-related articles, new and old, at your fingertips, along with a quick link to the Medical Advisory Board itself.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Use the Search bar just above the boxes. You may notice that some of the box headlines—“Talking About WOMEN,” “Talking About CHANGE,” “Share Your VOICE”—echo our name. No coincidence there. Every word reflects part of our mission. Speaking of which, we have a new mission statement, too—just check at the bottom of the page, under ‘About Us.’

And there’s a new tagline, added to the masthead at the top of the front page. That masthead is sleeker and less cluttered, with the links that used to be there now moved to the bottom of the page.

Other changes are more subtle. For instance, we’ve moved our ‘Connect’ icons—for the WVFC Facebook page, Twitter stream, email signup, and RSS feed—to a more prominent spot in the right column, so it’s easier to click and see what we’re up to on all fronts. There are new category headings and a new color scheme for the category bar, too.

Looking for ‘In the News,’ with its daily brew of must-read headlines? It’s here, further down the right column. Just below it you’ll find a tabbed box, where three favorite sections—‘Popular,’ ‘Comments,’ and ‘Sites We Like’—can be rotated with a couple of quick clicks. We’ve made it easier to donate to Women’s Voices for Change, too. For details, click on the ‘Donate’ link under ‘Share Your VOICE,’ or ‘Donate to WVFC’ at the bottom of the page.

And here’s the subtlest change of all: the ‘Next Page’ button at the bottom of the left column, which lets you browse through dozens of articles in the order in which they first appeared on the site.

Now, all we’re waiting for is . . . you. We’d love to hear what you think of the new look—the changes that rate a thumbs-up, the best improvements, what you’d redo if it were up to you. Your suggestions could be the spark behind the next round of changes.

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  • Rebecca April 28, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    I like the new look of the sight but do not like the new title of the emails I receive. I cringe at “Voice” mail. I should like it because I love many a pun but I literally hate the kind of voicemail I get on my phone. I dread the banality of whatever will be communicated – so banal and often demanding – the good stuff usually comes by snail mail, email or text.

    I don’t dread your emails nor do I find the content to be banal. I deleted the first several with the new packaging until it dawned on me that they were yours.