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Have you seen the YouTube water buffalo vs. the lions video?

It’s amazing, truly amazing, and it’s no wonder people are emailing the link like crazy.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, so you might want to watch what’s known as “Battle at Kruger” and come back, but be sure to return because it really is possible this clip is what Women’s Voices for Change is all about.

Commenters see all sorts of metaphors in the battle among the water buffaloes, the lions and the crocodile, and here’s my take as it relates to WVFC.

Water buffalo are strong, and they stick together, often with a matriarch leading the pack. But they are vegetarians and grazers, not hunters or fighters. In this instance, we recognize that they are a force — because they are united and because they have a strong leader who has a great deal of confidence. Ultimately and miraculously, they prevail.

Our baby is the nascent notion that women over 40, over 50, over 60 and beyond are vital, vivacious, versatile and very, very powerful. This idea is growing and we mean to give it the nourishment and protection it needs until it is a fully formed reality.

The lions are the prevailing forces that control the views of and opportunities for women. They want this developing idea to die because it threatens the profitable and convenient status quo.

The crocodile determined to have the water buffalo for lunch may very well be the ladies who lunch, who do not want to take a feminist stand or fight for the belief that menopause is not a dirty word. They’re the ones who are unwilling to work at showing what women of a certain age can do beyond shopping and/or surrendering.

We are the water buffalo. United and determined and sure. There is a phrase that is very useful when you are engaged in trying to make a point or doing something hard: Lean into the discomfort. A more active version of this is “Run toward what you fear.” The buffalo run toward the fearsome lions and they triumph. We, too, are running toward the forces that would keep some women hidden, that would tell us we’ve lost.

We’ve not lost a thing and we’re not about to. We’re determined to have our baby grow into the leading idea about who women are for their whole lives. Try and stop us.

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