OUR APRIL INVITATION: In Seattle, Swooning Over Spring

Our frequent contributor Toni Myers found herself so captivated by the lush beauty of Seattle in bloom that she sat down two weeks ago, when spring had just arrived in her city, and wrote this “Ode to Demeter and Persephone.” This is her response to our April Invitation, which challenged our readers to conjure up the pleasures of spring in their part of the country.

“The lilies have come, so early, green promise of glory-to-be.”

 wvfc toni Cherry+blossoms+snowing+down+41015In Seattle, pink snow. (Photo: Toni Myers)

It’s snowing pink blossoms on Green Lake Way—
flowering branches waving overhead.
Forsythia cheer the block as we stroll a gauntlet
of fat-pink-flowered trees.

Once I didn’t know that Seattle bursts with radiance
every spring, the trees all pink and rose and white,
like our backyard apple.
Camellia bushes drop their fragile blooms
and I take one home on my walk
to display in a small dish.

Backyard+apple+tree+blossoms+41015 The backyard apple tree. (Photo: Toni Myers)

Daffodils lined the streets too, now on the wane,
but tulips are in their prime. I can’t stand to pick
them from the front yard, so I buy them at Safeway
today, the bunches competing with each other
for Most Lovely.

 Backyard+lilies+to+be+41015Lilies-to-be. (Photo: Toni Myers)

Tiny grape hyacinths still line the little path,
and the lilac tree is perking up. The lilies
have come, so early, green promise of glory-to-be
like the parking strip’s pink dogwoods
that will greet us in May as we swoon over this
beauty at our lavender-scented doorway.

Lucky us—this surprise tableau returns yearly.
Our job is only to welcome a lover who hibernates
all winter, yet never forgets to return, no regrets.
Luscious miracle gift from the earth.

wvfc toni dogwood+garden+2 Dogwood. (Photo: Toni Myers)

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  • Barbara P April 21, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    Beautiful photos. I could look at more, more, more.

  • Carol April 20, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    Okay – I’m hooked – I want to be there and stroll along with you!

  • Gail E Willis April 20, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Ah Toni,
    Exactly as it has been & is. Our giant lilac opened into full bloom in yesterdays warmer sun. Too fragile to last indoors, but I always have to snip a sprig or two for the all too short burst of the scent of spring.