CHERYL FLEMINGWomen’s Voices for Change—donors, board members, editors, writers, and general well-wishers—gathered on Thursday at the Harmonie Club to celebrate WVFC’s expanding readership (2 million page views, and counting), reaching our 3-millionth post, and broadening our mission (more about that next week). And, of course, we all put our shoulders to the event’s wheel to raise the funds that will enable us to carry on—and improve—this, your online magazine. (Photo Credit: Cheryl Fleming)





Far left: Two of WVFC’s three founders: Faith Childs, left, and Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen.

Left: Co-founder Laura Sillerman and board member Elizabeth Hemmerdinger.


Seven years ago, Faith Childs, one of our three co-founders, described creating Women’s Voices as “building a car while you drive it across the country.” It has been an exhilarating drive, requiring much ingenuity and persistence on the part of the founders—a doctor, a literary agent, and the head of a philanthropic organization. But, it turned out, savvy and zeal can indeed put the wheels on a traveling car.


CHERYL FLEMINGOur guest speakers were Valerie Salembier (left), most recently publisher and chief financial officer of Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country, who was interviewed by Ellen Levine (right), editorial director of all Hearst magazines and a conceptualizer of Oprah’s O Magazine. In addition to speaking about her fascinating career, Valerie told us about the horrific realities of child labor in fashion counterfeiting industry. (More about that next week).




WVFC’s Board of directors: From left, Laura Sillerman, Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, Patricia Yarberry Allen, Faith Childs, Kathy Rogers, Mary Kelly Selover, Lisa McCarthy, Catherine Wood.






Full house: The view from Table 10 (foreground).


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  • Roz Warren April 27, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Not just MY online magazine. My FAVORITE online magazine. I eagerly await further details about the broadening of WV’s mission.