Academy Awards Preview

Here at Women’s Voices for Change, it feels like we spend each year hunting down and celebrating films by and about and for women. Then, when the Academy Award nominations are announced, we bemoan the lack of women recognized by the industry itself (not to mention, the virtual absence of any diversity this year; apparently there are no African-Americans working in Hollywood). For those of us who love movies — and support equal opportunity — it can be downright disheartening.

There are two categories that by their very nature cannot exclude women. This silver screen velvet ghetto includes Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. And this year, there are many fine contenders in each.

Two young but very accomplished actresses seem to be battling it out for the Best Actress honor. Saoirse (pronounced “Sir-sha”) Ronan earned our admiration with a quiet intensity as Irish immigrant Ellis in the heartwarming Brooklyn. It’s a beautifully crafted period piece that feels particularly relevant today as Presidential hopefuls debate our nation’s immigration policies. Ronan’s understated performance makes her instantly familiar, perhaps all the more so because many of us have an Ellis somewhere in our past. Read More »

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