We woke up this morning to hear National Public Radio begin its all-day coverage. Some of us had made our bets on who would win, for our officr pools or elsewhere; some, like WVFC tech columnist Rachel Rawlings, used the free Oscars app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Then our planned office Oscar party got away from us, and we’re just checking in now at Barbara Walters’ last Oscar special.

I’m struck  by Candice Bergen’s candor about looking at old photos (“I wasn’t bad looking!”) as well as, right now, a then-young Whoopi Goldberg (nominated for Ghost).  And trying not to over-interpret the scrap of the 1992 interview with Tom Cruise (nor to compare his laugh with the one in that notorious Scientology video a few years ago).

Photo illustration created by New York Daily News, showing a collage of images from Avatar, Up in the Air, Inglourious Basterds, Up!, Julie & Julia, and Precious.

But I’m still breathless from her opening interview with Mo’Nique, whose words about her own childhood were disarming in their matter-of-fact tone.  And looking forward to the one with Sandra Bullock.

— Chris Lombardi

Are you watching/listening? Any pre-awards show thoughts? Please leave comments below, or send an email and we’ll post it here!

Update: Philadelpia educator Susan B. writes: “This is boring. The question aren’t as cutting as hers [Walters’] used to be.” I wonder if that’s because Bullock is Walters’ personal friend.

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