Ms. Magazine founding editor Suzanne Braun Levine this week talks to the magazine’s Andrea Sachs about her book 50 is the New Fifty.

Braun Levine articulates The New Menopause as fearlessly as she has for years, telling Sachs that “when I traveled around talking about ‘second adulthood,’ and people would say to me, ‘Oh, I get it. Fifty is the new 30.’ And I would have to explain that that is not it at all. Fifty is an exciting, new stage of life where women are feeling more comfortable, more masterful, more full of hope and energy than they felt in their 30s. And I haven’t met a single woman, truly, who would like to go back to her life when she was 30.”

Braun Levine also notes that at this powerful new age, our role models are each other:


In your book, you use the phrase “horizontal role model.” What do you mean by that?
Many of us have discovered that we don’t know how to measure what we are going through against earlier generations because there were no women experiencing this gift of longevity, of good health, of independence, and we have to look to each other. What’s interesting is that while no two women are experiencing this stage of life in the same way, we are able to give each other a sense of the possibilities and reassure each other. In all my years of working with material about women’s lives, the two things that always hold women back are, one, the feeling that they’re crazy if they want to do something out of the ordinary, and, two, that they are the only ones in the whole world who are experiencing whatever it is they are experiencing. Once we are there for each other, regardless of the similarities of our situations, we reinforce each other’s courage.


Not only that, but as you see below, youcan dance to that beat if you listen.

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