Chris, our inspired and inspiring editor, informed our board that we reached our 1000th entry today. It occurred to us that the news reached the Board, who first met in my kitchen four years ago,  in precisely the same places as our readers find themselves.

Some of us are at near low points on our journeys, and others are in pretty great shape. One is anticipating a very artistic summer, two are involved in breakthrough medical care, another is at the center of a cultural universe, another is practically dismantling the bomb of the economy single handedly. We’re doing mom duty; we’re doing daughter duty. We’re high fashion sometimes and jeans a lot of the time. We mostly take care of ourselves (none to the height of Dr. Pat’s bar, but some mighty close). We have husbands who love and depend on us and ex-husbands who once did. We have busy lives that we sometimes want to flee from, but mostly we take responsibility for.

We are just like you out there, and that’s why we’ve reached Number 1000—because the buzz around women of our age is a sound that feels like it must be made in public. None of us is particularly New Age, but none of us would deny that WVFC feels as much like a channel as it does a blog site.

We reached our fourth digit because all of us respect the number of decades it takes to get it right. And while none of us is batting 1000 personally, we believe that–as a demographic–no one has a better average than the women we represent.

Congratulations to all our readers for all the words they’ve inspired. We toast you on this landmark day and thank you for being the reason we got here.

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