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I see that Toyota is going to offer a plug-in hybrid vehicle by 2010. Does this mean that in the meantime we have to go on enduring their idiot advertisements where they stop trucks from hurtling off an artificial tack high in the sky for absolutely no good reason?

Or when they show a Toyota still surviving after the world is blown up by some alien attack. Hate those silly things! Don’t we have enough to feel alarmed about without an advertisement making us feel worse?

Hooray! I see the Saudis will lift their ban on women drivers by the end of the year 2008. (Yes, our desert kingdom “friend,” the great oil rich country of Saudi Arabia, has never allowed its women to drive.) This latest move is King Abdullah’s attempt to stem a rising suffragette-style movement.

This ban on women behind the wheel has been in effect since 1932. It is an outrage. Skeptics predict it will be years before the full impact of this ban is actually lifted. Roadblocks will be thrown up for women trying to get licenses and insurance. General disapproval will keep many women from even trying.

And when will the Saudis stop other idiotic practices — such as forcing women to wear the abaya (who could drive in one of those?), or the strict rules for segregation of the sexes outside the family home, which force women to shop behind curtains and prohibit them from hailing a taxi in the street.

A woman even speaking in public to a man she is not related to is cause for arrest, unspeakable punishment in lashes, and possible rape.

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