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Why Is Your Economic Plan Better Than Your Opponent's Plan? 

Both Senators McCain and Obama urged short term relief for the suffering American taxpayers.  McCain refusing once again to address Obama directly.  Speaking about an Ohio plumber, a small business owner, who will suffer due to Obama's tax increase on small business income;  "Joe the plumber". Obama retorted that McCain and I plan to lower taxes.  Obama said that he would make tax cuts to 95% of Americans and that McCain will focus on lowering the taxes for the rich. 
I want to know from the Senators how we will pay for the bailout and the Tax deficit, how the hell will we pay for this if we cut taxes?  McCain doesn't want to cut taxes he said because he wanted to "spread the wealth around"…is that trickle down economics?  Boys, tell me where the money is coming from?


Won't Some of Your Proposals Hve to Be cut Due to the Soaring Deficitt?  These men are saying the same safe things they have been talking about on the stump and in each debate.  Same old.


Leadership in this campaign:  Both candidates have used negative campaign tactics.   Are you willing to say these negative things to each other's face?  McCain referring now to JFK's untimely death in Dallas?  What is he thinking?  Congressman John Lewis "has indicated that we are associated with a terrible part of American history and Senator Obama never repudiated this".  Obama said we expect that candidates will run tough campaigns, but that Americans want us to talk about the issues.  Obama said "I can put up with 3 more weeks of attacks but the American people want to hear about the issues".  Politics as usual is not getting the job done…At least Mr. McCain looked at Mr. Obama tonight…right in the face.  I am sick of JOE THE PLUMBER, John! 


Senator Obama objected that he had been labeled as a terrorist.  McCain said that the people who came to his rallies were real patriotic Americans.  Where is the moderator?  Solving 2 wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression, means that we must work together…must not characterize each other as bad people…McCain now red in the face and now bringing up ACORN in this debate point about negative campaigning.  While Mr. Obama speaks, McCain smirks.  The women in this room do not like this.  McCain "facts are facts and records and records". 

9:45pm Why Would Your Running Mate Be Better at Running the Country?  Sen Obama, "Biden shares my core values, experience, his bipartisan support for bills important to Americans across the country.  McCain, "Palin is a role model for women":  The women in this room do not feel that a woman who has fIve children, a special needs child and no one running the home is our role model.  Mr. McCain could have chosen a running mate who was a brilliant Republican, man or woman.  These are just our response to Mr. McCain's choice of a woman who looks good and could actually be president since he is quite old, but she has no experience outside this campaign.

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