Normalizing Domestic Violence: TV Video Teaches Moroccan Women How to Conceal Their Black Eyes

You have to watch it to believe it—that notorious Moroccan TV video, released last week, in which a popular TV host cheerfully dabs foundation and toners on the fake (but very real-looking) purple bruises above and below her subject’s eye. And all of this to the sound of mood music. It takes seven minutes to hide the signs of just one blow.

Would that this were a scene from The Twilight Zone! BBC News has the story: Last week, “on the show Sabahiyat, the host of the show offers tips on how to make the appearance of bruising ‘disappear’. . . . ‘We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life,’ the host suggests after demonstrating how to mask the signs of violence.”

After the clip appeared on Facebook and Twitter came condemnation, and the Moroccan TV channel, 2M, apologized and took down the video.

But you can see it here, or go to’s site and  sign the petition in which Moroccan feminist activists call for severe sanctions against Sabahiyat and Channel 2M.

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