Barbara Seaman: A Remembrance: Jennifer Baumgardner writes about her friend Barbara Seaman, who died early this morning of lung cancer. The feminist author and women’s health activist was 72.

Call for Change: Ellen Bravo writes at Women’s eNews about why she and other women’s rights activists are supporting Sen. Barack Obama.

The Double Standard: “While grown media men and women have swooned over Mr. Obama, confessing that he is so charismatic he gives them goosebumps, Ms. Clinton has been mocked, trivialized and denigrated in a way that should give every woman pause,” writes Judith Timson in the Globe and Mail.

Wharton’s House of Worth:”Wealth and social position were major themes of Edith Wharton’s famous novel ‘The House of Mirth.’ So it’s a cruel irony that the Mount, the gracious home in Lenox where Wharton wrote the book, faces foreclosure,” begins this Boston Globe editorial, which argues for saving the Mount. The nonprofit Edith Wharton Restoration is seeking to raise $3 million by March 24.

Plus: Don’t miss Elizabeth Hemmerdinger’s look at the subprime mortgage industry crisis and its disproportionate effect on women.

State of Women’s Sports: Orange County Register columnist Marcia C. Smith laments the lack of support and attention paid to female athletes and sport teams.

Toasting an Oscar Win: A screening Sunday evening of the Academy Award-winning short documentary “Freeheld” was “part Oscar party and part civil rights rally,” reports The New York Times.

The 38-minute documentary chronicles the experiences of an Ocean County prosecutor’s investigator, Detective Lt. Laurel Hester, who died of lung cancer in February 2006 at 49. She fought her illness while battling the Ocean County freeholders for benefits for her partner, Stacie Andree. Ms. Andree and the filmmaker, Cynthia Wade, were attending the Oscar ceremony in Hollywood.


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