A Party of Their Own: Women’s eNews has been covering the changing role of women in India. In today’s segment, Aditi Bhaduri writes about the first all-women’s political party in India. A first order of business is to boost female representation in parliament from 8 to 50 percent.

Plus: Women’s eNews’ Juliette Terzieff, who covered Pakistan for four years, writes about how the assassination of Benazir Bhutto affects the status of women.

It Takes a Family (to Break a Glass Ceiling): "Like it or not, the road to female advancement often begins at the altar," writes Kerry Howley on The New York Times op-ed page. "History books are thick with examples of women who broke political barriers because their family
connections afforded them the opportunity."

Change is in the Wind: With every politician talking about change, columnist Mary Schmich puts forth her idea of change worth voting for.

Women in Entertainment Resolutions: Some great suggestions from a blogger at AfterEllen.com, including: "I resolve that the trend of ‘over 40 and fabulous‘ women on television will continue and expand."

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