Hillary and the Invisible Women: Traveling on the press bus with Hillary Clinton last week, Tina Brown, writing in Newsweek, covers the women’s "revolt," particularly among baby boomers, that has found its focus in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy:

Much has been written about how boomer women have rallied to Hillary’s cause (she won an impressive 67 percent of the white women voting in Ohio; they were 44 percent of the total). It’s fashionable to write off this core element of her base as rabid paleo-feminists fighting the tired old gender wars of the past. But Hillary’s appeal to the boomer gals is wider and deeper than that. […]

In 1952, Ralph Ellison’s revelatory novel, "Invisible Man," nailed the experience of being black in America. In the relentless youth culture of the early 21st century, if you are 50 and female, the novel that’s being written on your forehead every day is "Invisible Woman." All over the country there are vigorous, independent, self-liberated boomer women — women who possess all the management skills that come from raising families while holding down demanding jobs, women who have experience, enterprise and, among the empty nesters, a little financial independence, yet still find themselves steadfastly dissed and ignored. Advertisers don’t want them. TV networks dump their older anchorwomen off the air. Hollywood studios refuse to write parts for them. Employers make it clear they’d prefer a "fresh (cheaper) face."

Plus: The New York Times digs into Clinton’s Scranton roots and the candidate’s first "close-up."

10 Great Jobs for Midlife Women: More magazine identifies 10 jobs where the premium isn’t on youth but on smarts, savvy and experience.

Yahoo’s New Appeal to Women: "Against the turbulent backdrop
of Microsoft’s (MSFT) bid to buy the Web portal and reports of its own
maneuvers to find alternate deal partners, Yahoo is quietly putting the
finishing touches on a major new content site aimed at women between
the ages of 25 and 54," reports Business Week.
"Much like a general-interest women’s magazine, the site will focus on
familiar content categories: fashion and beauty, entertainment, health,
astrology, home, food, parenting, relationships, and work and money.
It’s not yet clear what the site will be called, but one name in
contention is Shine."

Plus: Silk Purse Women magazine, a N.J. quarterly magazine
dedicated to women over 40, just entered its fifth year of publication
and is expanding its editorial content, according to this release.

The Age Factor: What is it about women over 40 that frightens studio heads?


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