Playing the Field: “As I grow older, I’ve been amazed to
discover that I’m accumulating more admirers than I ever had as a young
woman. There is Opera Man and Accountant Man. There is Lawyer Man and
Media Man. There is Cufflink Man and Teacher Man,” reveals Andree Aelion Brooks in the Wall Street Journal.

“I had expected to be wearing sensible shoes and focusing on my
grandchildren. But in the topsy-turvy world that characterizes romantic
relationships in the 21st century, something else started to happen.
And it is turning into a bittersweet juggling act.”

Corner of Finance Where Women are Thriving: “Women now manage
10 of the 50 largest endowments and foundations — or 20 percent —
compared with 4 a decade ago, and oversee a combined $60.6 billion,” reports The New York Times. Geraldine Fabrikant writes:

the nonprofit world, the Ford Foundation, for example, has an endowment
of $13.5 billion run by Linda Strumpf. D. Ellen Shuman oversees a $3
billion endowment for the Carnegie Corporation. Other women manage
roughly $6.5 billion each for the MacArthur Foundation, the University
of Pennsylvania and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

To be sure, this universe is small, and comparisons are imperfect
because of the sizes of various surveys. But Catalyst, a nonprofit
organization that tracks the ranks of women in business, found that 15
percent of corporate officer and board positions were held by women in

Still, women control only 3 percent of the roughly $1.9 trillion
invested in hedge funds, according to data compiled by Susan Solovay,
whose Pomegranate Capital invests in funds run only by women.

Plus: The NYT also reports on women finding more boardroom seats in Europe.

Smart Fashion: discovers The Guardian newspaper’s fashion writer, Hadley Freeman, via Freeman’s new book, “The Meaning of Sunglasses: And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable.”

“It will not make you feel worse about the state of your thighs, nor
your brain,” writes Jessa Crispin. “Freeman wrote a book for women who
actually exist. Women who have to wait for buses in the middle of
winter. Women who like to dance at parties, and do not want to have to
sit in the corner because their feet are bleeding. She knows that these
women live in the real world, where fur is not harvested from
free-range chinchillas that all die of natural causes.”

USA and SciFi Chief to Lead NBC Cable Entertainment: “NBC
Universal signed one of its top cable network executives, Bonnie
Hammer, to a new contract Monday while also expanding her duties to
include control over the development of all entertainment programming
for cable channels,” reports The New York Times.

The job expansion was a reward for Hammer’s success running the USA
and SciFi networks. “It’s an acknowledgment of the fantastic job she
has done for the company since Day 1,” said Jeff Zucker, president of
NBC Universal.

Staying in Shape: The BBC reports on a new study that found older women should eat plenty of protein and do resistance exercises, as replacing muscle becomes more difficult for women than men as they age. The study, published in PLOS One, looked at 29 men and women age 65 to 89.

The researchers, from the University of Nottingham in
the UK and Washington University School of Medicine in the US,
speculated that the inability of the female body to perform the same
function as effectively was linked to the hormonal changes of the

Oestrogen, which declines during this period, is known to
help maintain bone mass and may perform a similar role in the
preservation of muscle.

Studies of younger men and women have found
little difference in the way the body builds up muscle, suggesting the
changes seen in this research do not kick in until the menopause.

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