Mum, Can a Man be President?: That’s what a young boy in Ireland asks. "Joanne Sandler, deputy executive director for programmes at the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), tells this little anecdote to show that in some places it can be routine for women
to be found in leadership roles," reports IPS, in the second part of a series on women in leadership.

Part one looks at female leaders who have derived their power through marriage or family; part three asks if there is a gender-specific leadership style.

Women’s Support for Clinton Rises in Wake of Perceived Sexism: "If the race wasn’t about gender already, it certainly is now," writes Jodi Kantor in The New York Times.  

The Witch Ain’t Dead, and Chris Matthews is a Ding-Dong: Rebecca Traister of Salon on what made her a Hillary Clinton supporter, at least for one night.

Pitting Race Against Gender: In a critique of Gloria Steinem’s NYT
published Tuesday (which so far has garnered more than 900 comments and remains on
the Times’ most-emailed list), Jennifer Yang writes, "Further, by casting the debate as between Black men and White women (despite her imperfect creation of Achola Obama), Steinem renders the woman of colour invisible, reaffirms the binary Black-White paradigm of race, and demands we take a side in the epic battle between race and gender."


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