Kristal Brent Zook of the Women’s Media Center reports on the rape and murder of women in a Mexican border city. Despite the ongoing violence, which has received international condemnation and attention from activists such as Jane Fonda, Selma Hayek, Eve Ensler and Sally Field, Mexico’s president is planning to dismantle a federal commission created for “the prevention and eradication of violence against women.”

“CBS has not planned anything to commemorate [Katie] Couric’s first year at the anchor desk; instead, she’s anchoring the broadcast this week from Iraq and Syria, part of an effort to burnish her news credentials,” writes Matea Gold in the L.A. Times.

Only 7 percent of film directors are women. At last month’s Edinburgh Film Festival, 12.5 percent of the films were directed by women, prompting this assessment in The Guardian on “the current state of women’s film.”

Also from The Guardian, another look at Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful women: “The inexorable flow of economic and political strength from the west to the emerging giants of the east is underlined in a new list of the world’s most powerful women, which awards no fewer than four of the top six places to women from Asia and the far east,” writes Ed Pilkington.

“[W]hen children divorce, their parents’ lives are often
dramatically changed, an impact that is receiving increasing attention
in books, Internet forums and in the courts, where some grandparents
find themselves when custodial battles cut them off from
grandchildren,” reports The New York Times.


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