Meg Whitman Joins McCain: Meg Whitman, eBay Inc.’s outgoing chief executive officer, is stepping in to co-chair Sen. John McCain’s national presidential campaign, with a focus on financing and policy development.

Whitman, 51, joined eBay in 1998, turning it into a Fortune 500 company with nearly $8 billion in revenue. She previously worked as a fund-raiser for Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and may have her sights on the California governor’s office.

Tuning Out: Who’s not watching CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric? Older men. CBS Corp. president and CEO Les Moonves blamed "her loss of audience on the defection of older men who don’t want to watch a female news anchor," according to MediaWeek.

Moonves said Couric "has lost mostly 55-plus-year-old men from [when she replaced] Bob Schieffer," and that accounts for most of the audience decline.

Dear(est) Abby: Laura Linney, 44, who was nominated for a best actress award for her role in "The Savages" and is currently starring as Abigail Adams in the new HBO miniseries "John Adams," talks with Deborah Solomon about her acting career, including her first role: "It was Mrs. Claus in a feminist version of a Christmas story. It was called ‘Mrs. Claus Takes Over.’"

Breast Cancer and Neighborhood Conditions: "Researchers at the University of Chicago are studying possible connections between living in disadvantaged neighborhoods and the development of early onset breast cancer," according to Science Daily. The project is being led by the Center for Interdisciplinary Health Disparities Research and is funded with a $9.7 million grant from National Institutes of Health.

Researchers are studying 230 black women with newly diagnosed breast cancers living in predominantly black Chicago neighborhoods to learn about environmental factors, such as neighborhood features that might lead to social isolation.

"These women experience stress from dealing with situations they cannot control, from seeing crime in their neighborhood, from being afraid to go out, and not being able to form casual relationships with their neighbors that might make them feel safe," [Sarah] Gehlert said.

By studying multiple pathways to the development of the disease, leading from environmental challenges to gene regulation, the team will help inform policy makers about making decisions in how to create cost-effective interventions, [Martha] McClintock said.

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