Love in the Time of Dementia: If you haven’t yet read this
Week in Review story
on former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, her husband,
who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and his romance with another
woman, go now.

Poetry Awards Honor Women: Four of the most prestigious poetry prizes went to African-American
women this year. Some say the accolades are well overdue. Listen to the NPR report here.

Where Are All the Women Artists at MOMA?: That’s what Jeffrey
Saltz would like to know. "MoMA is our fountain of youth, our Garden of
Eden, our Promised Land. But all these things will not last much longer
if this institution continues excluding women from the display of its
permanent collection of painting and sculpture from 1879 to 1969, which
lives on the fourth and fifth floors," Saltz writes in New York magazine.

Aim High: Great career advice from a 47-year-old woman shooting for the stars — literally. Check out Newsweek’s interview with astronomer Heidi Hammel.

Getting Older, Swimming Faster: Sure, spending $100,000 per
year on personal trainers and support staff helps, but Dara Torres,
America’s fastest female swimmer, is quite amazing at age 40.

Meet Mary Doyle Keefe,
85, who was outed recently
at her Connecticut retirement home as the
woman in Norman Rockwell’s war bond posters featuring Rosie the
Riveter. Keefe posed for Rockwell in 1942, when she lived in Arlington, Vt., near Rockwell’s home and studio.

"The painting, for which Keefe posed twice and was paid $10, came to
embody the can-do attitude of American women whose work helped win the
war," writes Loretta Waldman
in the Hartford Courant (via USA Today). "It is arguably among the most
recognizable images of World War II and transformed Keefe from a
small-town switchboard operator into an American icon."

"It’s quite an honor to be asked by Norman Rockwell to pose for a
picture," said Marion Strindberg, one of Keefe’s neighbor at the home.
"It’s generally known, but she just told a small group of us. She is
very quiet about it. Word went around slowly."

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