Is This the (Meno)Pause That Refreshes?: “There is Disneyland and Scotland, Finland and Neverland and, decades ago, there even was a Freedomland. Now along comes a campaign that promotes a place called Menopauseland,” writes Stuart  Elliott in The New York Times.

He explains:

Menopauseland is the invention of Amerifit Brands and its creative agency, BrandBuzz in New York, on behalf of Estroven, a supplement that is meant to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. A campaign with a budget estimated at $20 million is centered on the imaginary land where women of a certain age can celebrate a new stage of life.

The campaign, under way since last month, includes television commercials, print and online advertising and a microsite, or special Web site, at […] The campaign is indicative of how marketers are reaching out to the increasing numbers of women and older consumers on the Internet. The perception that the Web is the jurisdiction of the young, particularly young men, is giving way to a broader, more inclusive approach.

Funny that all the marketing and advertising executives on this campaign who are quoted in the story are men.

Clinton Vows to Press On: From Women’s eNews: As West Virginia gave Hillary Clinton another chance to display political grit, her female supporters are battling back bow-out pressures. Lower-ticket female politicians, meanwhile, have been benefiting from the high-voltage race, reports Allison Stevens.

Women in particular have cast ballots in high numbers, which has helped female political hopefuls up and down the ticket, said R. Scott Crichlow, a professor of political science at West Virginia University in Morgantown.

Recent examples include gubernatorial candidates Jill Long Thompson in Indiana, a former Democratic member of Congress, and Beverly Perdue, North Carolina’s Democratic lieutenant governor. Both prevailed in Democratic primaries last Tuesday, when women made up more than 55 percent of the electorate.

An Older Role Model: Kim Cattrall’s mother, Shane, 79, loves
watching her daughter bare all on “Sex And The City,” because she
thinks the character of Samantha is an inspiration for older women.

“Kim is a role model for 50-something women. Much has been made about her nudity in the film, but I think she looks fabulous.”

Plus: They’re Older, But Are We Wiser? Joan Smith of The Telegraph looks at SATC and the lost age of innocence.

Body Tour: Check out The New York Times online for an interactive “Guided Tour of Your Body,” with articles and advice on healthy aging for every body part, along with test-your-knowledge quizzes and health risk calculators.

Altar Servers Grow Up: “Loraine Kubiak has spied the quizzical looks as she assists the priest with funeral masses at her Westchester parish,” writes Bob Brown in the Chicago Tribune. “Most Catholics are used to seeing school-age children on the altar, not a 77-year-old woman whose hair is streaked with gray. But adult
altar servers are becoming more common in recent years as parishes try to avoid pulling students out of class for weekday funerals.”

So far, Kubiak’s parish has recruited eight women and two men in their 60s, 70s and 80s, all of whom serve in regular clothes.

“We thought this might be a good ministry for them,” said the pastor, Rev. Tom Unz. “Most people who attend funerals are adults, and they say it’s nice to see an adult taking care of this ministry.”

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  • Elaine L May 14, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Hey Naomi,Its called “news mix,” meaning stuff in the “news.” Kim Catrall’s 79 year old mother has a right to her views and to have her voice heard on what she finds inspirational. May not float everybody’s boat, but it’s one point of view. And that’s what this site, which is hardly about denial, is all about. As for older women’s bodies being inspirational? Catrell’s mother has some good company, if a stroll throught the Uffizi is any indication. Cheers.

  • naomi dagen bloom May 14, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    Nudity for older women is “inspirational”? Promoting Safe Sex and use of condoms might deserve that label, supporting wrinkles as attractive in older women might be inspirational.
    There’s a point of view on this site that’s getting more disturbing all the time. Perhaps the title needs adjustment to Voices for Change for Women in Denial.