A Lifetime of News: CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley, 59, who joined the cable network in 1987, spoke recently with a college journalism class
about television news and covering a presidential campaign. Her
schedule is daunting: The days start around 4:30 a.m. and end at
midnight. "I was so sleep deprived once that I found myself brushing my
teeth with moisturizer," she said. On work and family:

She says the job is almost always exciting, but she told
the students: "Don’t confuse journalism with your life. I’ve traveled
to China with three presidents, But I also missed birthday parties and
Halloweens. You’re always asking the people you love to give up

"Balance" is the key word, she said.

"Fortunately," she joked. "I’ve got wonderful children who didn’t grow up to be felons or anything."

Style for "Women of a Certain Age": "One day, I will reach into the back of my closet and pull out a bag full of motivation. With it, I will jump into the world of magazine publishing and target ‘women of a certain age,’" writes Lisa Claro in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She continues:

Once a woman hits 45, the old Romulan/Klingon cloaking device takes over. That means "invisible," for you non-Trekkies. When was the last time you opened Vogue or Cosmo and saw a bunch of models over 45? The answer is: Never. Even those silly hairstyle magazines are full of photos of youngsters; I found none with a page of realistic and trendy hairdos for women who wash the gray out every six weeks. Why not? We exist. And we need fashionable hair, by golly, even if it is silver at the roots.

I think there would be a huge market for this type of magazine. There are other women like me, women who enjoy reading about recipes and homemade curtains, but still wonder, "Am I too old to wear ballet flats, and if not, can I wear them with a pair of wool socks? And if I have to go sock-less, will my feet stick to the shoes when I have a hot flash?" Or: "Am I too old for skinny jeans and kitten-heeled boots?"There should be a magazine to answer these scintillating inquiries.

La Liz at 85: The New York Observer marks gossip columnist and WVFC contributor Liz Smith’s 85th birthday with a conversation over margaritas about Smith’s life, her work and, of course, sex.

Obama’s Speech: Writing about Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on race, columnist Susan Estrich says it didn’t go quite far enough in making the connection that his campaign is offering something different. "The case for Barack Obama, and ultimately he has to be the one to make it," writes Estrich, "is that there is a different answer to the injuries of race than the one his pastor offered to their congregation."

Women Flying High: Congratulations to the newest inductees into the Women in Aviation Hall of Fame, including Margaret Ringenberg, who started flying at age 7 went on to serve as a WASP (Women’s AirForce Service Pilots). She is also profiled here.

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