Chasing that Forever 41: This week, USA Today checks in as  retailers try again to develop clothing lines for the elusive boomer market, between Bloomingdale's Portfolio boutique and Talbots' new effort to Reclaim the Chic:

What's a forty- or fiftysomething woman to do if she isn't ready to shop at Coldwater Creek (CWTR) with her own mother but feels too mature for spaghetti straps and miniskirts? In her new book, Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth, Beth Teitell, 46, says she rarely shops because there's nothing right for her to wear….

Liz Sweney, J.C. Penney's (JCP) executive vice president of women's apparel, says its research has  shown that women in recent years were "unhappy with the way department stores were going. They were going too young or too old."

"There's no Forever 41 or 51," [Teitell] notes dryly.

Keep going nuts. Earlier this week we learned some good news about nuts and diverticulities. Now, Women's Health tells us that pistachios can help with cholesterol:

Participants in a Penn State study ate 1.5 ounces of pistachios daily for four weeks, then ate three ounces daily for four more weeks. They saw a 9 per­cent drop in LDL cholesterol on the low-nut diet and a 12 percent drop after eating more. Both diets lowered levels of interleukin-1—an ­indicator of inflammation, which is a risk factor for heart disease—by 15 percent. How? Pistachios are low in sat fat and rich in unsaturated fat and contain zero trans fats, says study co-author Sarah Gebauer, Ph.D.

"To reap the results, eat a large handful every day," Women's Health concludes — though we noticed that tt the study did NOT note how much weight the participants may have gained in the process..

We gotta fight, for our right, to a better solution? Women frustrated by both hot flashes and mixed signals on HRT may often talk about making male legislators feel our pain. But this report from Spain is the first we've heard of throwing pills onto the floor

Two women who threw pills down on the deputies from the visitors’ gallery in Congress yesterday were expelled from the chamber. The two were protesting about what they claim are the secondary effects of the menopause medicine Agreal.

During the debate on the economy they threw down the pills and shouted for better health care for women. One of the women has been named as Mari Ascensión Mirete, President of the association which runs the webpage

— Chris L.

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