by Laura Sillerman | bio

All of us who are following a passion were rewarded because of the review 54-year-old Mary Jo Salter received in yesterday’s New York Times. To be a not-young American woman poet is to be walking uphill in margarine shoes — a feeling we all know — yet she has triumphed.

"Only a few poets transcend the history of taste to participate in the history of art — and only a handful of poems."

So wrote James Longenbach in a rare review of a book of poetry in The New York Times Book Review.

We can all celebrate that the piece noted that poet Mary Jo Salter has been struck by such lightning in her new collection, "A Phone Call to the Future."

None of us should be surprised that Longenbach praised Salter, saying, "her best (poems) are driven by a compulsion to confront the inexplicable."


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