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Netflix Continues to Tease Its Upcoming ‘Return to Stars Hollow’

Melissa McCarthy, Gilmore’s adorable chef Sookie is perhaps the series’ biggest breakout star. She won an Emmy in 2011 for her hit series Mike and Molly. Bridesmaids earned nearly $170 million; The Heat was close behind with $160 million; and even though it was universally panned, her latest movie The Boss has already made $40 million. Rumors have run rampant about whether she would appear in the Gilmore sequels, despite a busy schedule (and no doubt a sky-high asking price). The latest buzz has her joining the team for at least a cameo. As you can imagine, fans are thrilled.

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And, fans of Gilmore Girls go beyond its 18-34 target audience that was always so attractive to advertisers when it was on the air. Two-time Tony-winner Sutton Foster (who starred in another beloved, though short-lived, Sherman-Palladino vehicle, Bunheads) is thrilled to be joining the cast. And, Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, and a Gilmore guest star once upon a time, tweeted “I hope the rumors are true — bring back #Gilmore Girls @ Netflix! #gilmoregirlsseason8.”

Unfortunately, Foster, Albright, my daughter and I will all have to wait until December to enjoy Return to Stars Hollow. The good news is that the release date coincides with my daughter’s first winter break of her first year of college. (I should probably start stocking up on the popcorn — and Kleenex — now.)

The other good news is that if you aren’t already a Gilmore devotee, that gives you time to catch up. All seven seasons (153 fast-paced episodes) are available on DVD or via Netflix online.

See you soon . . .  in Stars Hollow.

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  • hillsmom April 19, 2016 at 10:24 am

    “Gilmore Girls” is one of my all time favorites. I was so sorry when it ended, as I wanted it to go on forever. Wanted to see what Rory would do with her life…I didn’t want her to marry Logan, either. (Well, now he’s a lawyer on “The Good Wife”, tee hee) The scripts were superb and witty. I loved, loved, loved, the allusions, although I probably may have missed many, and the tempo…snappier than most shows today. Thankfully, there was no “laugh track”. I did happen to see “Bunheads” (stupid title, IMO) and immediately recognized the script writing style. Unfortunately, I kept seeing Lauren Graham in the lead. Sorry to rattle on, but I’m so excited about the upcoming “continuation”.

    BTW, you probably can find the entire series at your local library. The UP TV station has been running back to back episodes, so one also can catch up…sometimes they are a bit out of order. Many thanks for all the information of something to look forward to. Cheers