National Poetry Month and You

781px-Poet's_DaffodilA Poet’s Daffodil (Findern Flower). Image via Wikipedia

Celebrations of poetry and its place in our lives will join us in verse and voice today in Erie, Pennsylvania; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Celebrations will continue tomorrow in Greensboro, North Carolina; Northampton, Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; New York City; and on and on throughout the month. National Poetry Month was a gift from the Academy of American Poets to the country in 1996. It has given joy, hope, comfort, and inspiration to its citizenry and taught its teachers and our children ever since.

When we sit together and hear a poem, we listen to one person’s discovery of his or her place in the world.  And, make no mistake about it: Our reaction to that discovery is our own uncovering of something about ourselves. 

You will be seeing and hearing more about National Poetry Month here at Women’s Voices for Change, but for now we recommend to you www.poets.org for a chance to learn about its letter-writing celebration, to see what is going on in the world of poetry every day of April, and to be reminded of what is timeless about poetry in the lives of us all.

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