Musculoskelatal Health: Prevention is Queen

She is a strategist and a realist.
She is purposeful and wise.
She is fearless and a warrior.
She is patient and compassionate.
She is a poet and a scientist.
And she is QUEEN.

— Kimberly J. Caspare


Prevention is Queen.

Prevention is not just a set of actions designated to stop something from occurring. It is, in fact, empowerment through knowledge. It arms us with the essential tools we need to be in charge of our physical destiny.

The physical therapists at PHLEX are changing the way healthcare is delivered, using preventative tactics that put us in the driver’s seat. Here are five key benefits of adapting preventive tactics and the pivotal role they play in our musculoskeletal health.

Prevention Gives Us a Strategy: Our musculoskeletal system is always  evolving and the more we understand and develop strategies to nurture its evolvement, the more resilient we will be. Aging alters the landscape, takes us out of our comfort zone and can impact the way we do the things we love. Without forethought, before we know it, we will be dealing with unnecessary injuries and limitations. In order to create and maintain a musculoskeletal infrastructure that evolves gracefully with us, we must be proactive.

Prevention Gives Us Purpose: Customized prevention exercises and treatment techniques will provide you with constructive muscle and bone health tools that will fortify the body system against stress and strain. We need to engage in constructive motions and behaviors that coincide with optimizing the health of our individual vessel.

Prevention Gives us Courage: Prevention allows us to prepare for the small fights so we can win the war. It gives us the artillery to be confident and proficient  against any physical obstacle, whether it is skiing down a slope, hiking a mountain, or negotiating cobblestone streets in heels. Knowledge and preparation are the weapons we require to make us warriors. By learning about our bodies we pinpoint our weaknesses and grow stronger.

Prevention Gives us Self-Love: Knowing that there is a continuum of change, patience and compassion empowers us to navigate our body’s health mindfully. On our path to wellness, we need support and guidance. Every person (who is not currently injured) should have a physical therapist assess them and build a plan that addresses their predisposing factors to injury or disease. Exposing weaknesses or faults is scary but with support it allows us to embrace that vulnerability and prime our mindset for positive change. The outcome is a better long-term health journey: We feel more confident in examining our physical limitations, addressing them and setting and achieving goals. Small triumphs along the way give us confidence to do more, not less.

Prevention Gives Us Harmony: A body is very complex. Every person and life journey is unique and should be treated as such. An effective prevention plan is targeted for each individual and not one-size-fits-all. It’s only by working with our body and gently assessing its complexities that we can achieve a balanced plan of action.

The powerful tool of prevention is available to each of us if we choose to wield it. It’s time to exercise the control we have when it comes to our health. By working towards a bright and exciting future where we live in harmony, nurturing and empowering our bodies and ourselves, we will undoubtedly grow stronger physically and mentally in the process.


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