Molly Ivins, the smart, feisty, liberal columnist from Texas, died Wednesday. She was 62 and had been fighting breast cancer since 1999. The New York Times obituary covers her remarkable life.

More media obits and tributes can be found at Women in Media & News. And the Texas Observer features highlights of Ivins’ Observer years and recent columns, as well as tributes from her friends and colleagues.

Her longtime editor and friend Anthony Zurcher wrote:

In the coming days, much will be made of Molly’s contributions to the liberal cause, how important she was as an authentic female voice on opinion pages across the country, her passionate and eloquent defense of the poorest and the weakest among us against the corruption of the most powerful, and the joy she took in celebrating the uniqueness of American culture — and all of this is true. But more than that, Molly Ivins was a woman who loved and cared deeply for the world around her. And her warm and generous spirit was apparent in all her words and deeds.

We will miss Ivins’ voice, her passion and her wit — and her warm and generous spirit.

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