Alert WVFC readers have followed resident artist Julia L. Kay as she explored the new frontiers of digital art, from her first explorations of drawing on the iPod Touch to the pioneering, international and still-ongoing Flickr Portrait Party. This fast-growing field, which has been adopted by high- profile  artists like David Hockney and John Baldessari, has also has attracted many less well-known artists who, like Kay, have discovered that this new medium opens up possibilities they hadn’t imagined. And images created this way are popping up all over, perhaps most famously with Jorge Colombo’s  iPhone “fingerpainted” plein air covers for The New Yorker magazine.

Now, professionals and art hobbyists will converge this month at the first annual MobileArtCon, sponsored by the International Association of Mobile Digital  Artists, at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.  The conference, which runs October 23-24, 2010 will bring together visual artists, designers, musicians and app developers from around the world to discuss art and music created on handheld touchscreen devices (iPhones/iPads, etc) from creative, technical, and historical perspectives. The free event features artist presentations, app demonstrations, and forums by app developers.

On Saturday, Kay will moderate a panel on “Traditional and Mobile Digital Art,” with Kara Kovacev, John Bavaro, Jonathan Grauel and Craig Newsom. And on Sunday, Kay and Valerie Beeby I will co-present a forum on the explosion of drawing apps,  “20 Art Apps in 50 Minutes. WVFC will be there, profiling some of the women leaders in this new field.

Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of work by IAMDA members, with links to their portfolio sites. Somewhere, someone has asked when they saw these images: “You painted that with what?

Luis in The Light, Julia L. Kay “A portrait of Luis Peso, digital artist, Portrait Party member and planned conference attendee,” Kay writes.

Times Square, David Scott Leibowitz

The Duchess, Matthew Watkins

Collar Variation on John Bavaro, Kara Jansson Kovacev San Marco Piazza, Amy Nelp

New York Sky, Benjamin Rabe PanopticumCraig Newsom Fox in the Henhouse,  Helene Goldberg

To learn more about the conference and the organization, click here.

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  • Julia Kay October 9, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    We’d love to see you at the conference – but whether or not you attend, please join us at the closing art exhibition with works by approximately 150 artists from all over the world, all made on touchscreen mobile devices. The event is free but you must RSVP:

  • abigail congdon October 8, 2010 at 8:57 am

    As a 60 year old artist who uses ‘conventional’ media, I found this article to be really exciting! The images are enticing enough to possibly inspire to me to not only go to this gathering but to spend some time learning how to use this technology. Thanks for posting this! Abigail