by Nancy Raquet

The glamour of the Oscars. The brainpower of a global summit. The sizzle of a Sweet Sixteen.

Decades of wisdom, brightly packaged and wrapped with ribbons of energy. That’s what the 2005 Women’s Voices for Change Gala was all about.

More than 400 confident, powerful and passionate head-turners, elbow to elbow, celebrating themselves and one another. Forty-something, fifty-something and sixty-something … this was REALLY something.

Beyond the laughter, shared experiences and excitement of an inaugural event, there was an unparalleled realization, the reality of NOW and the understanding that this is “our time.”

There was the shared understanding that all of our years of study, work, career paths, glass ceilings, motherhood, wifedom, fund-raising, and hell-raising had suddenly reached a pinnacle.

The evening was a mirror that reflected bodies, souls, minds and spirits for each of us and for all of us. Women’s Voices for Change was a moment in time, Our Time.

But, beyond the moment, the experience ignited a vision for what Our Time could – and should – become. It’s up to us.

Nancy Raquet, a retired speechwriter and communications consultant, is on the board of Women’s Voices for Change.

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