By Faith Childs

History met hope tonight, to borrow words from Michelle Obama’s stunning address in which she posited herself as American everywoman, a hardworking wife whose most important and cherished role is to be as good a parent to her daughters as her parents were to her. With her mother in the audience and her two young daughters beside her, she gesticulated with hands and arms as she spoke to suggest that while she is Princeton and Harvard, she possesses a common touch.  To those who thought that she was somehow too exotic, too removed, and somehow threatening, to appeal to ordinary Americans, she dispelled qualms never mentioning race, and celebrating the achievement of Hillary Clinton this week when America celebrates the 88th anniversary of  American women gaining the franchise. 

Listening to the impressive women who commanded the podium at this first night of the Democratic Convention—Caroline Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and finally Michelle Obama, this listener was persuaded that perhaps the American Dream does indeed endure.

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