New York Post columnist Liz Smith recently attended Time magazine’s annual Person of the Year symposium, at which suggestions for the cover are discussed, and came away with her own proposal — the technology that makes celebrity worship so pervasive and is leaving an indelible mark on our culture:

think this year they could well cite the cataclysmic confusion, stress,
worry and resulting triviality of this stressed beset age, a time
affected by instant technology. There is no downtime anymore from the
worship of celebrity and trash. People always wanted to be famous and
to know others who were famous.

But now we have a super examination of celebrity 24/7, and there is
no optimism or expectation except of the next scandal. Technology in
instant messaging, bloviating opinion and the Internet’s sprawling
speed and ubiquity have forced real changes this last year.

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Who — or what — would you suggest for the Time cover? Tell us in the comments below.

Time magazine’s selection will be announced in the Dec. 31. At Time’s website, you can view voters’ favorites and submit your choice.

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