All this week, Women’s Voices for Change editor Elaine Lafferty will be sending reports from the Democratic Convention in Denver. Next week, she’ll be doing the same from the Republican Convention in St. Paul.

Maybe it is the half mile walk to the Pepsi Convention Center, a trek you must take no matter how many types of laminated credentials you have dangling from your neck; (Security is ridiculous and cars are stopped 6 blocks away.) Maybe it’s the fact that many delegates and guests must stay at hotels that are a $50 taxi ride away; maybe its…oh hell, I don’t what it is, but I do know this: I’ve been to most Democratic conventions since 1980 and all the talk of unity notwithstanding, there is simply no love in in the air. Veteran political consultant Joe Trippi gets it right.  The smiles are forced, the talk of "unity" strained.

I’m writing a profile about Carly Fiorina, the charismatic former CEO of Hewlett Packard and now economics advisor to John McCain, so I’m getting a chance to follow her around Denver as she talks to disaffected Hillary Clinton delegates. It’s fascinating. I’m watching major Democrats greet her with affection, and some quietly whispering support or at least openness. They feel Hillary was dissed by not even getting on Obama’s short list for VP.

It seem like folks who supported Obama early on are overjoyed…and are being rewarded with the best of everything…parties, seats, tickets, invitations. Hillary delegates? As the kids say…not so much.

More tomorrow.

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