All this week, Women’s Voices for Change editor Elaine Lafferty will be sending reports from the Democratic Convention in Denver. Next week, she’ll be doing the same from the Republican Convention in St. Paul.

I rarely agree with Maureen Dowd, but this time she’s got it right. She says the vibe here is weird and jittery, and she’s right.

Hillary Clinton’s speech last night was great, hitting all the notes she had to if she wants to achieve her short-term goal; avoiding blame if Barack Obama loses in November. The Clinton camp, led by former campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe and with money men like Jay Dunn in tow, are making the rounds of talk shows. They are hanging around in hotel lobbys, attending every kind of event, slapping people – men – on the back and saying, "Hey. We’re here for unity." It looks forced and weird. Because there are distinctly two camps here…the Clinton camp and the Obama camp. The Clinton camp are the outsiders. It’s Obama convention, Obama’s party.

Example; At a morning meeting of the Maryland delegation, Rep. Elijah Cummings spoke, along with a number of other Obama’s African American supporters. But the meeting was running late and had to end before the last scheduled speaker was allowed to speak…that speaker was Gov. Martin O’Malley, governor of Maryland, official leader of the delegation…and passionate Hillary Clinton supporter. Ooops.

Next Up: How Are The Women Delegates Doing?

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