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Actress in a Supporting Role presented by Robin Williams who looks great.  I loved Vera Farmiga who said, Think of me as you, but only with a vagina.”  as she introduced herself to George Clooney’s character.  Mo Nique deserved this one. “Sometimes you have to forego what is popular to do what is right” was the most impressive remark tonight.

Queen Latifa looks fab and at ease as she presents the Governor’s Awards. Lauren Bacall, one of the honorees quipped,”The thought that when I get home tonight I will have a two legged man in my room is so exciting I can hardly stand it!”  Not a bad sentiment.

My choice for best adapted screen play:  Up In the Air.  Hubs chose the same.  We both lost.  Precious deserved this.  Based on the novel Push.  “This is for everybody who works on a dream everyday”. Finally, eloquence  in an acceptance speech.

Odd ads:  toliet paper?  Then diet coke pretending to be good for heart health?  This is a site that upholds medical principles.  Diet Coke is not good for anything in the human body.  Followed by JC Penny and BMW. Then Dunkin’ Donuts, at least not pretending to be good for the heart.  Certainly are hitting every socio-economic group.

Star Trek the easy winner for The Best Make-Up category.  I finally made the right choice. 

Ben Stiller as an Avatar is at least dressed in a funny costume to present the award for The Best Make-up.  Best when he is not speaking English.

No votes cast for the Best Short Film.  Hubs still ahead.

Hyundai advertisement reassuring in the world of Toyota.  No hint of accelerators that get stuck at Mach 4.  My life is like a Toyota, stuck on faster and faster.  I don’t need my car to be that way as well.

Best screenplay chosen by… that person in my bed.  Hurt Locker. Don’t ask about my choice.  So important to hear the writer honor the men and women who are still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Tina Fey, 40  this year, so you know I love her.  My demographic girl. Robert Downey, Jr.  FInally two funny people.  Love the use of the typed screen plays with the actors.

The drink is helping.  Jack insisted on joining the party.  I had nothing to do with it.  Honest.  Quick fix for the social anxiety I am empathically experiencing for these presenters. 

I will not be watching District Nine.  Never like to see alien parts poking out of human bodies.  What’s the point?  Get a manicure.

Crazy Heart just picked up best original song.  Guess who picked the winner?  Glad I am not in Vegas

Hubs predicted Up as well.  I saw only one of these animated films, The Princess and The Frog so I chose it as best animated film.  In real life kissing that frog does not produce a prince gentle readers.  Hubs now gloating that he has chosen the first two winners.  Wife a big zero.

There is an odd lack of energy in tonight’s Oscar performance.  Cameron Diaz could barely read.  Have no idea what this segment means.  Maybe I need a drink.

Scrolling across the bottom of the television screen just now those inglorious bastards, Cable Vision, have decided to allow their subscribers to have access to ABC’s Oscars after all.  Creeps.  Everyone had to visit someone who Time Warner tonight if they wanted to view the Oscars.

The husband predicted the winner.  One down for me.

Christopher Plummer is my choice for the Best Supporting Actor.

Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin were better in Its Complicated than they are as the hosts of the Oscars so far.

Meryl Streep, elegant and at home on the red carpet.  She has a record for most nominations for an Oscar.  I loved Julie and Julia but she was so fantastic in Its Complicated, that I am somewhat disappointed.  Great to see all the nominees on stage.

Gabourey Sidibe appeared incredibly secure for someone so young who played the role of the abused child, Precious. 

Miley Cirus is wearing such an odd dress.  Who let her out in that?  Her boobies are pointing out and her name is not Madonna.

Just finished watching the Babs Oscar special.  She looks like she is ready to leave this job.  At least she had on gorgeous clothes.  I am in the yummy Victoria Secret pink jammies watching the telly in bed with the hubs.  Such a luxury.

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  • Lombardi Chris March 7, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    I think the George Clooney thing is a setup for a comic bit still to come. We’ll see.

  • Kathy Rogers March 7, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    …couldn’t agree more about Miley’s dress… not flattering.

    Hey, can someone please explain to me why Neil Patrick Harris opened the show? What was that about?

    And why is George Clooney looking so grim/annoyed?

  • Teresa R. March 7, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    It’s certainly worth applauding that an 80-year-old woman can be the celebrated–and visible–focus of such a show, but I find it somewhat sad that she has to look 30 years younger…