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Kamala Lopez, A Woman Who Is Making A Difference

WVFC: So what is the solution? Is there a revolution coming?

KL:  I’m a great believer in civilization. I believe that we worked really hard to take this species from what it was ten thousand years ago to what it is today. And I’d hate to see it go backwards so quickly because of this single element. The Achilles heel of the human species appears to be greed.

There are things we can look at and say, “Wow, the levee’s going to break here.” But, I’m hoping that it can break without a Katrina. I want to rationally and with forethought plan these things out so that there isn’t collateral damage, so there isn’t a great deal of pain and suffering that accompanies it. Because the revolution is happening. It’s just a matter of how we are going to ride that raging river.

WVFC: Equal Means Equal raises so many issues. Where does this go from here? If our readers see your film and want to contribute to the conversation, what should they do?

KL:  The key is to have house parties across the nation. You rent the movie, you invite a few friends over, have tequila, start watching the movie. We provide a house kit; it gives you a list of things to do and then it becomes like that commercial . . .  and so on and so on and so on.

WVFC: Like the women’s movement in the 1960s and 70s? You’re talking about consciousness raising.

KL: That’s exactly what it is! My mom told me about that and I said, that’s what I want. I want social consciousness raising through Equal Means Equal. You watch the movie with other women, discuss it, take action. And then you stay together, do other things together, build together, grow strong together.

For more information about Equal Means Equal, to preorder it on iTunes, request a screening, or host a house party, visit


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