So what are your plans for this coming Sunday night? Have you, like many of us, been wondering which films and filmmakers will make it to the winners’ circle at the 83rd Academy Awards? Why not join the second annual WVFC Oscars Liveblog as we see what the fates (and the Academy members) have in store for the actors, directors, writers and film’s we’ve been following all year.

Last year, the buzz was about Kathryn Bigelow and all the other over-40 women in the running: Bigelow won Best Director for The Hurt Locker, and we were happily surprised when Sandra Bullock and Mo’ Nique also scooped up Academy Awards. WVFC writers, editors and members commented on it all, from the red carpet to the televised audience response. “Meryl Streep looks magnificent as usual,” meowed Teresa R. “And she does it without having to look 30 years younger or like a size 0!!” Diane Vacca was less adoring: “Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are insulting just about everyone. Is that their only source of humor?”

Kathy Rogers noticed that “As Kathryn Bigelow departed the stage, we heard the song “I Am Woman” [which] perhaps gives away the evolution, or lack thereof, of the awards show producers’ mindset.” Our Susan Delson wondered when Mo’ Nique won, “A Precious upset on the way?” And our publisher, Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen,  had words about the assembled Academy:  “The audience finally came to life with the clips of horror movies. First sign of life in this group. These people are actors.  Can’t they at least act excited about this big night?”

Though we already know it will be less historic for women and people of color, this year still holds its share of suspense. Do you believe, as Roger Ebert and others do, that The King’s Speech will walk away with it all? Or is there still room for surprises, as Cinema Blend asserts, holding up hopes for Annette Bening? “After all, the movies are almost equally loved by the Academy, with Black Swan just one nomination above The Kids Are All Right‘s five. And Bening has been up for the Best Actress prize twice in recent years, both times narrowly losing out to Hilary Swank…crazier things have happened. Don’t take a bathroom break for this one.” We will be hoping, of course, that statuettes go to either the WVFC-featured Kids and Winter’s Bone (Best Picture) and  Bening or Nicole Kidman for Best Actress, but there’s lots  more to track than that. Winter’s Bone‘s Debra Granik and Kids‘ Lisa Cholodenko, snubbed for Best Director noms, are both up for Best Adapted Screenplay, while we learned from Ms. Musings about the rash of other female nominees, from documentary to costume design.

And what about the red carpet? Will you be watching the pre-shows for hours before, or at least the red carpet ceremonies? Will this year’s runway selections shine, or be as unfortunate as last year’s Charlize Theron dress with the cinnamon rolls? Meanwhile, Bening, Kidman, Halle Berry and Oprah are among those who’ll be presenters, thus guaranteed to make an appearance. As you tune in with your friends and a glass of wine, why not kibitz with us?

Launch time: 7:00 p.m., EST.

How it works: When something moves you — a dress, a clip, a winner (or loser), an over-the-top acceptance speech — just  use the Comments section below the current Oscars post to chime in whenever you like. We’ll be happy if you respond to what we or others have said, and create friendly controversies when we can. Every hour, a new blog post will be launched, and you’ll be asked to move with us and comment there.  Even if you can’t watch the whole show with us, we invite you to drop in and add your comments whenever.

Meanwhile, are there interviews, blogs, or photos you want to share? What more info would be useful for us all to have? Let us know. Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing you on Sunday, so we can rate this year’s Awards together. Can’t wait.

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