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Feminism: Katherine Spillar on the Good News

By Deborah Harkins
By Deborah Harkins

"In the earliest days of 'Ms. Magazine', a majority of women did not identify as feminists, and women’s rights were debatable. In polite company you could still debate whether or not women should be equal! In polite company now you can't have that debate."

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Letter From New Orleans: Women Rebuild with Liz McCartney

By Beth Herstein
Three weeks ago approximately 150 women, all volunteers, rolled up their sleeves and helped renovate gutted homes just outside New Orleans as part of the Women’s Rebuild Week of the nonprofit St. Bernard Project. Liz McCartney, the Project’s co-director, states that participants in Women’s Rebuild continue the work of the organization generally, rebuilding homes in St. Bernard Parish (a parish…
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A Grandmother’s Worries

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.
Fears of war have always been present. But today there are several worries that are entirely new. Though we always feared we might destroy each other, the idea that we might destroy our planet is a fairly new one. What kind of future will our young people inherit?
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