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Jon Stewart Educates Wall Street

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
by Patricia Yarberry Allen Jon Stewart, the audacious and insightful Will Rogers of the 21st century, skewered  CNBC on March 4th after Rick Santelli appeared in a piece with traders on Wall Street a few weeks ago.  Mr. Santelli, an on air analyst for CNBC, attacked the administration’s proposal to give aid to homeowners who cannot meet their home mortgage…
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General Medical

News Mix: Acting Held Back by Botox and Face-Lifts; Actresses Keeping it Real; Why Women Now Reign in Spain; Kathie Lee Gifford’s Menopausal Zest; Martha Stewart Testifies on Aging; Review of “Girls Like Us”; Helen Yglesias Dies at 92

By Womens Voices for Change
Acting Held Back by Botox and Face-Lifts: Mary McNamara of the L.A. Times writes: People should be free to look as they choose, and this town is tough on women — don’t talk to me about Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, they’re British. Would an American woman ever get away with anything approaching Nicolas Cage’s hair or James Spader’s increasing…
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Wednesday 5: Women in Media, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Women's Voices For Change
This week we focus on the woman and the image. There's a growing movement among photographers to counter the culture of perfection in the portrayal of women's bodies; Getty Images has launched a new initiative devoted to the powerful depiction of women; the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty; The Representation Project puts together a year in review of women in the media; and where are the women in late-night television?
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Family & Friends

Holiday Gatherings: What You Need Is Verve

By Jennifer Cheyne
Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy the day this year, rather than simply “spend” it together? Could this be the year when you turn off the television set and GATHER? The mental challenges these games pose can trigger wit, imagination, and wholehearted participation in shy guests who otherwise sit, nearly mute, through obligatory holiday gatherings.
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Film & Television · Politics

When Women Brought Journalism Back to the Debates

By Chris Lombardi
In the second 2012 Presidential debate, Martha Raddatz asked multiple follow-up questions and, when unsatisfied with an answer, signaled so: "No specifics, I see." CNN's Candy Crowley was explicit in planning a similar pattern for the third debate. The pundit crowd was aghast. It's perhaps appropriate that two seasoned women journalists were the ones to flip the script on the kind of low-profile-moderator debates that the League of Women Voters has called "campaign-trail charades."
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