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Wednesday 5: ‘Courage in Journalism’ Awards, Misrepresentation of the ‘Flapper,’ and Cast Chemistry on ‘Scandal’

By Women's Voices For Change
In this week's Wednesday 5: Afghan Journalist Najiba Ayubi wins a ‘Courage in Journalism’ Award; a father's well-intentioned letter to his young daughter about keeping a "man's interest" turns controversial; the "Great Gatsby" film unearths a myriad of misrepresentations and stereotypes about the 1920s flapper; "Scandal," as ridiculous as the plots are, works because of cast chemistry; and a poignant video re-imagines a world where hate crimes don't exist.
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Film & Television · Menopause

“Desperate Housewives” Misses Mark on Menopause

By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger
by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger | bio Sunday night I clicked on the TV a little earlier than usual and happily attacked my stack of newspapers and magazines while waiting for one of my favorite shows, "Brothers and Sisters." It’s a weekly treat. The writing and acting are terrific — an ever-engaging storm in a loving and complicated family. Best of all,…
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“Poem,” by Joan Naviyuk Kane

By Amanda Moore
In today’s poem, “Poem,” by Joan Naviyuk Kane, the speaker’s search for a word in Inupiaq, the language of her mother, uncovers compounded losses—natural, cultural, ancestral, and personal—that have accrued over time and echo through generations.
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