By Amy Bloom

I know that Hillary Clinton will be a good president, and if she's the candidate, I will vote for her in November. Of course I will. For the same reason that many Dems who are voting for Hillary right now because of doubts about Obama will vote for Obama rather than McCain come fall. Unless they find McCain's war and economic proposals appealing.

I know that Hillary Clinton is a smart, strong woman and people who know her tell me that she is warm, kind and funny as well. I wish people didn't have to tell me. I don't mind that she stayed with her cheating husband so that she could become President. People have done worse. People have stayed with their cheating husbands so they could go on playing tennis at the club.

Last night, it was the strong that came across. She talked like Muhammad Ali, without the charm. If she thinks boxing metaphors and shots of bourbon are going to make middle-aged white men make her their own come November, she has forgotten more than she ever learned about men.

She won a round, not a fight. And yet there she was, talking about how she couldn't be knocked down by her formidable opponent with the deep pockets — not a word of praise for him and not a grace note for herself.

I'll vote for her if the time comes, but someone who cannot be gracious is hard to get excited about.

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  • Sue May 8, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Hillary Clinton is a strong,confident and knowledgeable woman who is passionate about her cause and we need her. We need a Hillary in this country for a change instead of the men we’ve had to choose from. As Obama says “change we can believe in” what I didn’t realize until recently is that he’s been talking about Hillary Clinton all along and I along with most of the Country have just realized what we’ve are about to lose if we all don’t start helping her! You know Money talks and Obama has plenty of it lets help Hillary before it’s too late!
    Thanks for your comments
    and I hope that you’ll thank me for mine when you realize what I’ve just told all of you is probably the truest words spoken during this primary election!

  • Tami Anderson May 7, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Late though this is, I felt compelled to take a moment and say that I agree with Amy (who does not refer to Hillary anywhere in her post as unladylike, so that is an interesting criticism). Graciousness is something our leadership has lacked for a long time. I understand Amy’s desire for it, in any candidate, male or female. It is not too much to ask.

  • Joanne C April 23, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    What’s this about? I have to agree with Alix K – this has nothing to do with lady-like. And, in fact, I believe Hillary DOES come across as funny, kind and warm even if Amy can’t or won’t see it. I’m looking for an intelligent leader. Hillary is that. I am looking for someone who is not in-love with self. Hillary is that. While I adore Amy Bloom as a writer I disagree that our candidate need be “nice” or more “gracious” to earn our votes. How much praise does BO actually need to hear from Hillary. He has sniped and inferred negatively about her age and not-so-graciously her skill set. Let’s leave the boxing analogy aside and go on straight merit. Hillary comes out on top each and every time.

  • Alix K April 23, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    Just took brief internet break from my job, and visited WVFC. Was much more amused by Pat Allen’s “Google AdSense and You” than by Amy Bloom’s post on Hillary. Ms. Bloom is more than entitled to voice an opinion, but I am puzzled she would prefer Hillary to be more lady-like in victory, after Obama spent the national debt to obliterate her candidacy. I keep hearing Malvina Reynold’s It isn’t nice: ” … There are nicer ways to do it, But the nice ways always fail.”