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How the Fashion World Is Engaging Our Tech Future

What if you can try on clothes from your favorite store — in the comfort of your home? If that sounds appealing, then Gap’s “DressingRoom” app is the perfect fit for you. In what the company is calling its new “Augmented Reality” shopping experience, the app allows customers a new way to “try on” Gap styles anywhere they want – at home, at work, at the gym — without ever stepping foot in its stores. The DressingRoom app uses a virtual 3D model to allow shoppers to envision how items would fit on their body type and based on their measurements.

Gap is among one of many fashion companies that are increasingly looking to the advances in technology to elevate their brands as well as their business strategies. “Fashion brands know experimenting with tech is imperative, whether it be to enhance the retail experience or introduce fans to the concept of virtual reality . . .” says Engadget.

Meanwhile, developers at Google and H&M have created a personalized “Coded Couture” dress based on a person’s smartphone app data. Yes, that’s correct, your smartphone can soon design a unique dress for you. Coded Couture monitors what someone is doing every day for a week, the same way a Fitbit, for example, monitors and tracks physical activity. This data is then passed through an algorithm to tailor the design of a uniquely styled dress, which can then be bought.

And, finally ever see a photograph of someone in a stunning ensemble and wish you knew exactly where you could get it? That problem too has been solved. Craves’ new fashion app tells you what they wearing and allows you to find similar items. Taking advantage of visual search technology to identify clothing and accessories, “users can snap a photo from any magazine, screenshot from Instagram, or TV and Craves will identify the clothing or accessories in the photo,” explains Craves co-founder Scott Cormier of how the app works.

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