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Fashion Friday: Hostess Gifts

’Tis the season for  holiday dinners, cocktail parties, and festive gatherings. We hope you get to take a break from being the graceful hostess and relish the moments to be a gracious guest. When you do play the role of the guest, use it as an opportunity to show your hostess that you understand just how (behind the glitz and glamour, of course) hectic and stressful hosting duties can be. Here are our favorite hostess gifts guaranteed to reflect your thoughtfulness and express your gratitude for a well-executed gathering. They are all meant to give your hostess some much-deserved moments of indulgence.



20130515075640_ccdf69e6804be42c5731927e57d753afPhoto by Bloom Nation

Gift a beautiful bouquet of flowers that are already in a vase and ready to be displayed. It frees up your host from having to find a vase and complete another to-do. Choose a monochromatic palette that is simple and elegant and won’t clash with your hostess’s decor. And, for an added touch, have them delivered with a lovely note of thanks. It sets a beautiful tone even before you arrive.



31505 000 000_d-1Photo by Teavana

When the last guest has departed, give your hostess a moment of quiet and serenity with a luxurious Japanese tea gift set. This Matcha collection from Teavana is a homage to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony known as the ‘Way of Tea.’



img68cPhoto by Williams-Sonoma

Keeping with a trend of gifting your hostess moments of serenity, nothing complements a well-done evening better than a long, hot soak in the tub. This Essential Oils Collection from Williams-Sonoma is a perfect way to energize and refresh.



Breakfast-BasketPhoto by Le Caprice DC

The morning after is probably the last thing on your hostess’s mind, including what to do for breakfast (if she’s not sleeping in, of course). Gift a hearty breakfast basket with everything she might need to start the day off right.

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  • Brittany November 21, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Thanks for the great shout-out to BloomNation and for helping to get the word out about shopping locally and the options available from local florists!